Concrete Driveways

Concrete is one of the most popular materials for driveway installations. Not only is it strong, durable and long-lasting with a life span of up to 50+ years if properly maintained, it also delivers on curb appeal, boosting the value of your property. Our certified concrete contractors can help you give your home the finishing touch it needs through our concrete driveway installations. Our dedicated team of concrete experts have spent a few solid years perfecting our driveway services for both residential and commercial properties. With our skills and knowledge, your installation can be completed quickly and affordably.

What is concrete?
Concrete has been a popular building material for over 100 years and is often mistaken for cement. In fact, cement is one of the materials used to make concrete. At Wilmington Concrete Contractors, we bind a variety of stone aggregates together using a mixture of water and cement. When we achieve the perfect consistency once the concrete is mixed, it can be formed into a variety of elements – leaving our clients with a wide array of concrete driveway installation options. Another interesting fact about concrete is that it is highly resistant to fire and water. Therefore providing extra security and protection in the event of  a fire or flood inside and outside your home.

Driveways: Asphalt versus Concrete.
Most of our clients favor concrete over asphalt when installing a new driveway, due to longevity and maintenance. Typically, concrete will last up to thirty years – compared to asphalt which has an average life span of twenty years. Therefore our concrete driveways are the obvious choice. As mentioned, maintenance is nearly non-existent, your newly installed concrete driveway would only require occasional degreasing. However, Asphalt does triumph with regards to its more flexible properties leaving concrete more prone to cracking –  And if your concrete driveway cracks as a result of environmental factors – our certified concrete contractors will fill those cracks as easy as one, two, three.

Our Professional concrete driveway installations.
A few questions might arise when one considers to install a concrete driveway. How long does it take to install a concrete driveway? How much does installation cost? What is the proper way to grade a driveway before installing concrete? How thick should a concrete driveway be installed? What about drainage? We have got you covered at Wilmington Concrete Contractors, as we can answer each of these questions in an expert fashion – drawing up an unique  installation plan for each and every driveway project request we receive from our clients. For this reason, we can confidently brag about our professional driveway concrete installation techniques and products.

Caring for your driveway after installation.
We pride ourselves not only in our ability to install concrete driveways – we ensure that your driveway is cared for in the long run. Our driveway installations are sealed upon your request and will protect your concrete surface from chemicals that cause spalling and deterioration. And to prevent your driveway from cracking once installed, we advise all our clients to minimize normal traffic for at least 7 days. Curing is therefore extremely important before the surface can be open for business. Mentioning how we care for our clients and their concrete driveways is a testament of our professional and dedicated concrete driveway services