Concrete Installation

Installing concrete must be done right the first time. Most property owners prefer installing concrete for driveways, patios, foundations and walkways due to fact that is it inexpensive, quick and requires little to no maintenance. Not happy about concrete’s dull grey look? At Wilmington Concrete contractors, we have got you covered with our stamped concrete products and services making our concrete installations more attractive. In addition, we possess the appropriate equipment and project specific knowledge ensuring that the right kind of material is used, preparations are adequate and attention is given to final touches – all thanks to our licensed team of contractors.

Why you shouldn’t DIY.
Choosing to complete a concrete installation project yourself will be a tricky chore that requires some mathematical savy and quite a lot of prep work. And even if you are able to do the correct calculations and appropriate preparations – you’ve only managed part of the installation struggle. You’ll need pre-made cement to arrive at your property via a delivery company. This stage of the concrete installation process has a time limit and if incorrect calculations creep in, you will be looking at a few unnecessary charges by the concrete delivery company, as concrete has a shelf-life. That’s why you have us. Book an appointment today and we will gladly take care of all your installation needs. 

Adequate Preparation.
Before installation can take place, the site requires adequate preparation. Our concrete contractors know how important laying the groundwork is. Our professionals have years of experience and can confidently execute the pre-planning stage. Let’s list a few steps needed for successful concrete installation; first, soil must be compacted and tamped, drainage must be done. Next, consistency is key. Then, wooden forms should be constructed and set in place for the pour. We clearly know how to prep. Surely you can trust us with all your concrete installation needs. Get in touch and we will respond shortly with a detailed installation pre-plan.

Laying concrete is a messy and intricate process, you need correct thickness, the right amount of h20 and gluey consistency. The pudding is in the pouring, as concrete can start drying fast. Therefore, your space allocation and surface calculations should be meticulous otherwise, you’ll end up in a sticky situation. For driveways and side-walks, concrete can often be poured directly into forms without hauling. Other structures like a back patio, if access is limited it must be carried via wheelbarrows. At Wilmington Concrete Contractors, we understand the role the weather plays during installations – we recommend installing concrete on cool and cloudy days. It prevents cement from drying and is less strenuous on our expert workforce.

Finishing Touches.
In reality cement doesn’t actually dry, it cures. Our team of skilled concrete experts puts a cherry on finishing touches. We don’t just leave our clients out to dry. After successfully completing cement pouring, the surface needs to be wet-down and covered with a tarp. Yes, we have you covered! Giving your concrete all those much needed finishing touches leaving your side-walk or patio looking fabulous. Most importantly, all concrete installations get a final finish sealing in all the moisture. This goes to show that we care about each and every project ensuring our client’s concrete installations have the longevity we promise in our warranty.