Concrete Repair/Service

Concrete forms a part of millions of residences across the US. From patios, structural walls and driveways, it forms an integral part of our daily lives. Just as important is the maintenance, servicing and repair of concrete based structures. Many different factors can influence the degree of degradation, such as, weather and quality of materials used. So whether it’s that cracked boundary wall, warped driveway or you simply want to give your patio the TLC its deserves. Our concrete professionals at Wilmington Concrete Contractors strive to offer you a permanent and reliable solution to all your concrete repair, maintenance and servicing needs

Cracked Concrete Patios AND What To Do
You just noticed that crack, the new one running from corner to corner on your beautiful new concrete patio. How could this happen you ask? Most importantly how do you fix it? Cracks in concrete are mainly caused by shrinking, due excess moisture escaping during the drying process. These forces involved literally pull the concrete apart. Depending on the severity of the damage caused, the repair process can vary from a simply caulk or sealant, which is blended to your specific needs and color pallet. For major patio refurbishments. Entire new slabs can be laid on the damaged area. Our experts at Wilmington Concrete Contractors will tailor the repair process to individual requirements

General Concrete Services.
Our concrete services are highly comprehensive and include everything from complete project coordination to cleanup for both light and heavy industrial and commercial projects. Our concrete services are perfect for those requiring assistance with the design and layout of a project, as well as the installation of concrete structural supports and coring, concrete pouring and forming, concrete cutting, and finishing and protective sealing. Whether you are building a stadiums, warehouse, industrial facility, or multi-family apartment units, you will find us to be of assistance. You name it, we have all your basic concrete services or installation products.

General Repair Services
After enduring years of constant wear and tear, concrete floors can often become rough and difficult to clean. With concrete floor repairs, there are three types of repairs that are the most common; pittings, surface cracks, and spalling of concrete – this requires more effort but equally as repairable as surface cracks. Our team of concrete experts can perform both of these repair methods for all your cracking problems. Each project is unique – making one universal repair application near impossible. At least we at Wilmington Concrete Contractors conduct a full on inspection, providing our clients with the best possible repair solutions for their properties.

Can’t find the service or repair you need?
Can’t find the concrete service/repair you are looking for? Or, if you want to find out more about all our concrete repairs/services contact us directly on our customer service number and our customer service representative will gladly attend to your concrete requirements. We bet you there is no concrete task too small or too big for our team of experts to tackle. Not certain what your needs are? We will gladly inspect your surfaces and provide you with a quote and custom concrete repair plan. Not satisfied with our products and services? Please let us know if you are not satisfied with our concrete products and services – or if you would like to provide a few suggestions for improving our customer services. You can find our service number on the home page and contact us directly.