Stained Concrete

Stained concrete can bring new life to your walkway, basement floor or outdoor concrete surface. We specialize in preparing your surfaces, as it is such an important part of how concrete is stained. Apart from homes other areas receive a high level of traffic like restaurants and showrooms benefit form the ease of care and reliability associated with our range of stained concrete applications at Wilmington Concrete Contractors. Our concrete installations come in a range of finishes, which include both textured and glossy options. We can simulate the appearance of natural slate or stone, as well as wood plank patterns for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and garages in a bustling family home or highly trafficked commercial space.

Stained concrete is like a kaleidoscope. It oozes an infinite array of colours and special effects which are achieved through staining, leaving our clients with unlimited colour options. The versatility aspect creates an opportunity for our concrete contractors to build lasting relationships with our clients, as clients form an intricate part of successfully completing our stained concrete projects. As a property owner this is your opportunity to be a interior designer and pick from the infinite pool of stained concrete applications. Contact us today by filling out our online contact page and one of our concrete experts will contact your shortly.
Is stained concrete a DIY kind of job?

Certainly not. You’ll find various blogposts claiming how stained concrete is a DIY job – our qualified experts will strongly disagree hence the term “qualified”. Based on an evaluation of your existing concrete, we can help you pick a flattering stain and correctly prep the surface to ensure the best possible results. Think about all the benefits of  using a certified concrete contractor; if it ends up being one big mess, you have no recourse, our installations come with a shiny warranty, a professional can complete the job in a fraction of the time, and an experienced professional like our team here at Wilmington Concrete Contractors are able to forestall mishaps.

It is colour true.
When properly applied stain will retain certain qualities like its color, being chip-free, flake or peel. If properly installed after It is carefully prepped and cleaned, the stain penetrates below the concrete surface creating some of the richest colours known  to the naked eye. The colour requires minimal care and has a life time long lasting rich colour. With Wilmington Concrete Contractors you will never have to stare a fade in the face again. We promise long-living rich colours even with areas that have high foot traffic.

The maintenance factor.
We at Wilmington Concrete Contractors can’t stress the major low maintenance benefit of concrete products. When compared with wood, a concrete installation is much more easily maintained over time. We can help you avoid the laborious task of staining and resealing annually. Additionally, concrete is not susceptible to rot, termite infestations, and splintering. It is abundantly clear – choosing concrete structures for your property is the ideal construction choice for virtually any project. Our concrete installations and other concrete applications come with a life-time low maintenance guarantee. Ask one of our service consultants and they will tell you all about it