Stamped Concrete Patio

DECORATIVE Concrete is available in many colors, thus we might find a combination which will mix with your house and the remainder of your landscape. We will fully assist you in making color selections & patterns for your Decorative Concrete project. Stamped Artistry uses a dry shake-on procedure that’s worked to the upper layer of cement before the stamping is done. This method provides you much more vibrant hues and might be combined multiple Colored Powdered Concrete Releases to get a wonderful stamped cement pattern on the Stamped cement surface. We might also utilize Concrete dyes which are mixed in the concrete truck before pouring the Stamped Concrete terrace, Stamped Concrete Driveway or Decorative Concrete Pool deck. 

Patterns & Designs – Decorative concrete is a very versatile substance, We can create any shape, curve, straight edge etc. You may think of for your stamped cement patio. There is simply no other surface which will provide you the VAST choice of design choices that concrete can create. Concrete can be colored, shaped, molded in many exciting textures & patterns. You can choose a Stamped Concrete terrace with the look of decorative Slate, rock, Flagstone, brick or timber all for the same cost. We provide a nice assortment of stamping designs for a concrete patios, driveway, pool decking & sidewalks – Care – From the Hot TEXAS climate, Wood decks have to be sanded and sanded annually to keep their beauty, a stamped cement patio requires very little maintenance to keep its beautiful look. 

Washing the surface off sometimes and employing a brand-new coat of sealant every two or 3 years will keep your Decorative Concrete in great condition. You & your family can look forward to enjoying your outdoor living space with the satisfaction that your stamped concrete patio or driveway is designed for a lifetime of use. Cost – Stamped cement patios do have a wide price range, depending upon the style and size of the proposed Concrete project. Decorative concrete is a relatively cost effective option to additional types of outdoor living spaces like, real Slate, flagstone or timber tiling or Synthetic wood. 

Even landscaping requires lots of maintenance. Whenever you combine the installation costs with the low maintenance needs, you are able to see that you’ll get plenty of value to get the dollar out of your Stamped Concrete. A stamped concrete patio is a beautiful addition to any outdoor living space. With a wide variety of selections, limited only by your creative thinking, low maintenance and the best value to get your landscaping dollar.