Stamped Concrete

In Wilmington North Carolina, you can give your holiday home a few fancy additions with our state of the art certified materials and products. Often known as textured or imprinted concrete, replica stones such as flagstone and slate, bricks and even wood – stamped concrete offers a variety of pattern and colour choices making it popular for beautifying patios, driveways and pool decks. Here at Wilmington Concrete Contractors, we commit ourselves in giving our clients a front page magazine feature – your driveway will never look and feel better. Our stamped concrete installation are cost effective and basically maintenance free.

What is stamped concrete?
Stamped concrete is the addition of textures, colours and design to freshly poured concrete – a unique application bringing beauty and a touch of elegance to your outdoor living space. This product can resemble granite, interlocking stone and barn board. What is truly impressive about this product is its durable nature and zero maintenance alternative to interlocking stone walkways and asphalt driveways. Our stamped concrete products at Wilmington Concrete Contractors, can help you create the outdoor oasis that will make your neighbours turn heads. Take a moment, give us a call and find out more about the various stamped concrete products we have on offer.

Stamped Concrete Applications.
These versatile and durable products can be applied to various spaces found in your outdoor or indoor areas. We love involving our clients in the design process, creating unique custom designs to fit your living spaces – your ideas and vision matters to us. Custom designs can be featured as a walkway, driveway, patio, swimming pool and even as a counter top. Why not revamp your living spaces? I know you’ve been dreaming about having a grand entrance leading up to your home. What”s stopping you? It’s too expensive. Not only does stamped concrete scream longevity, installation is a breeze and it costs a fraction of the price compared to other materials used for walkways and driveways.

Advantages of stamped concrete.
Choices for picking a stamped concrete surface are almost limitless – seeing that stamped concrete mimics almost any surface ranging from marble to stone. Installation is a matter of mixing, pouring, and stamping – giving stamped concrete a true installation edge. We promise to complete your stamped concrete projects as quick as you need through employing only the most sought after tools and techniques. Another advantage of stamped concrete is the enhanced level of aesthetic appeal it gives to your outdoor and indoor living spaces – instantly increasing the value of your property.

Why choose Wilmington Concrete Contractors?
We showcase our creativity through our concrete projects. Our installations will last a lifetime whilst satisfying our client’s needs for having their living spaces resemble those living spaces seen on the front cover of lifestyle magazines. We also pride ourselves in being environmentally friendly as our products are sustainable and recyclable. Through choosing our concrete products and services, you are making the best possible pro green decision. Go green, go Wilmington Concrete Contractors. In addition, our products come with a wonderful structural warranty – proving to our customers that we truly care. Our certified team of concrete experts undergo rigorous training and continuously keep track of the developments within the stamped concrete industry – assuring our clients